The Knock Down

The Knock Down texture consists of a grout based material combined with a high grade bonding agent. After the concrete is pressure washed, cleaned and dried, we repair any and all cracks, the texture is then sprayed down with a texture gun. The peaks are then knocked down with a trowel giving the surface a “lacy” or “stucco” look. Two coats of a color concrete sealer is then applied to give the surface a skid resistant non porous surface. If the surface is heavily used, future coats can be applied to make the surface look new again. Additionally the color can be changed at any time as your decor or tastes change. This process is used by pool contractors on pool decks as it offers a skid resistant surface for swimmers and remains cooler to the touch than plain concrete.

Key Benefits:
*Color is easily changed as your taste or decor changes
*Can be installed with taped out pattern or stencils
*Less expensive than bubble texture


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Bubble Texture or sometimes referred to as 100% is a colored grout which is sealed with a clear sealer.

Social Media Manager The Knock Down
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This texture consists of a grout based material combined with a high grade bonding agent.

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As stamped overlays are rising in popularity we have included these different texture looks. These are just a fraction of the many different styles available.

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Stamped overlays have many different applications. They can be applied horizontally (floors) as well as vertically (walls).

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Staining your existing concrete is a simple and quick way to add value, curb appeal and a fresh new look to your home or business.

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We provide Interior Miracles flooring as well.