We offer 3 different types of overlays, Bubble Texture, Knock-down and Stamp designs. The product is applied over the existing concrete and are approximately 1/8″ to 1/2″ thick. Crack repair is completed before the resurfacing begins. If severe cracking exists, concrete repairing may be necessary before this product can be applied.

Knock-down and Bubble Texture can be applied over existing concrete for residential or commercial use. The stamp system can be applied over linoleum, ceramic tile, concrete, etc. All the products work beautifully both indoor and outdoor and can applied in almost any pattern and color.

We also offer staining of existing concrete in many different colors. We can give your floor an “acid wash” look without all the harmful chemicals.

Overlay’s can be applied to:
* Driveway * Patio * Garage * Walkway * Kitchen * Bathroom * Laundry room * Any concrete surface

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Bubble Texture or sometimes referred to as 100% is a colored grout which is sealed with a clear sealer.

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This texture consists of a grout based material combined with a high grade bonding agent.

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As stamped overlays are rising in popularity we have included these different texture looks. These are just a fraction of the many different styles available.

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Stamped overlays have many different applications. They can be applied horizontally (floors) as well as vertically (walls).

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Staining your existing concrete is a simple and quick way to add value, curb appeal and a fresh new look to your home or business.

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We provide Interior Miracles flooring as well.